£1 for a set of ten false eyelashes

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£1 for a set of ten false eyelashes

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£1 for a set of ten false eyelashes 1.00

They say imitation is the sincerest form of fluttery and here is your chance to get those catwalk lashes you’ve always coveted. Accent your lashes without the fiddle and mess of different types of mascara with this set of ten false eyelashes from Online Gift Store. The added volume and length they bring will enhance and sensualise your appearance to make the absolute most of your natural beauty. They are very convenient to use and will last a long time, saving you a good deal of time and money doing your makeup every day. You can wear them for any occasion and, if you really want to get stuck in with the mascara, you can colour them to suit your favourite outfit of the day or even wear a clear shade for a more casual look. So, however, you see the lashes of your dreams you can let the eyes have it.


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