£29 for an online Novel Writing Diploma Course

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£29 for an online Novel Writing Diploma Course

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£29 for an online Novel Writing Diploma Course 29.00

They say everybody has at least one novel in them. Perhaps you have more. Perhaps you have dabbled with writing; perhaps you have just thought about it and found it easier to put it on the back burner. Learn how to turn your ideas and aspirations in to something truly creative and powerful – a well-written compelling story that will captivate your reader – with this comprehensive expertly designed course from online training experts Centre of Excellence Online. It could transform the story of your life. All course materials – syllabus, e-books etc. – are provided and you'll be assessed by a written assignment at the end of the course. <b>Outline course contents:</b> Introduction Idea generation Plot development Genres Your first chapter Descriptive writing The narrative voice Writing in the third person Writing in the first person Viewpoint Dialogue Characterisation Emotions Build the journey Frustration Love Creating a villain Outlines Creating obstacles Generating the hook Getting published Staying motivated Final test Summary


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