£39 for a neck massager

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£39 for a neck massager

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£39 for a neck massager 39.00

Here’s a way to get the benefits of a luxury wellbeing clinic therapy whenever you want that will really get your head turning. If you ever have a neck massage you probably only indulge yourself every few months when you go the spa or the health clinic. And it’s probably expensive. But here’s a gadget to give you all the benefits of those visits every day at a great price. This innovative electronic neck massager and simply snaps into place and can be set remotely. It uses the latest technology to help promote wellbeing as well as preventing and treating a range of conditions from cervical neck pain to headaches and shoulder pain. It has an amazing 505 different settings with vibration, massage, far infra-red heating and even magnetic field therapy options. Each therapy can be applied at a different level or combined to create the desired effect. Each massage device comes with a controller for operation, which features a bright LCD screen. It’s simple to use and can be set in a range of different languages where needed. A great way to wind down after a busy day or to help treat cervical pain in the neck and shoulders.


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